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SIRMET ELETTRICA has a many years of experience in the field of transformation, transportation and electricity management.

It was founded in 1953 and worked  in the  repair of electric motors, transformers and industrial plants; in 1974 it changed its name to the current one.

In 1980 the company, using an acquired  experience, starts its own production of  mineral oil-immersed and air insulated  electrical  transformers,  to undertake next in 1995 the manufacturing  of cast resin transformers.

Since 2003, with moving to its current location and the consequent expansion of working area, SIRMET ELETTRICA had been able to add to the range of its products the construction of HV / MV  transformers.

In the headquarter in Sala Bolognese (Bologna) SIRMET has an area of 6300 m2 where 2600 m2 are dedicated for a warehouse and 500 m2  for offices and services. There is different equipment as winding machines for winding tape, strap, wire and ribbon cable; autoclaves for filling resin transformers and treatment of oil type transformers, ovens for drying windings and for baking resin, spray booth, filters for vacuum treatment and for liquid dielectrics, analysis room for testing liquid dielectrics for analysis and room for acceptance inspection of transformers. The facility is equipped with cranes with maximum capacity of 40 T.

Today our offer includes  design, construction, repair, maintenance, overhaul and change of the characteristics of electrical transformers of any type and power, analysis of  dielectric oils, purification of  insulating oils also on site, manufacturing of  special windings and rental of transformers and substations.

Our mission

Consolidation of our presence on the market and the its diversification
Optimization of company resources
Ensure continuous technological improvement
Continuous improvement of processes and quality system
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